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We can’t help everyone, but we can all help someone.
-Ronald Reagan

Want to make a Donation?

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A Hand Up ERIE Guidelines

1. AHU ERIE will deliver to your address.  You will be asked to help unload the vehicle and help carry all donated items in to your home.

2. If you live on the 2nd floor or above, you MUST provide your own help in getting all donated items in to your home.

3. AHU ERIE is able to help a family/person only (1) ONE time.

4. You MUST apply through Facebook messenger or via email  We need your real name, address, what floor you live on and your phone number.  Then we need a SPECIFIC list of your needs.  (Do not say I need a bed.  We need to know what size bed).  Please go read the “about” section on our Facebook page so you know what we try to help with.

5. We will confirm the date and approximate time of delivery with you within 24-48 hours of delivery.  If you do not confirm back with us by the stated time we set, you will remain on the waiting list for future delivery.

6.  If you are not home at the agreed-upon date/time for delivery, the items will be returned to AHU ERIE and you automatically become ineligible for any future help.

7.  Your property/place must be ready to accept the donations we are bringing to you.  If you have old furniture, it must be out of the way before we arrive.  Your yard and driveway must be clear.  Any steps into your place must be clear.  If it has snowed, your walk, driveway and porch or entryway must be shoveled.

8.  You might be required to provide measurements and pictures for your doorway and also staircase (if above the first floor) so we know if what we have will fit into your place.

9.  You might be required to provide pictures of the place you live and also the rooms in the “home”.

10.  We require a state-issued ID or driver’s license (must be valid, not expired)…  Please send us a picture or scan of yours.

11.  We do not have appliances.

12.  We cannot guarantee that you will receive everything on your list.  We will do our best to help you with what we receive.